Steinbeck Exaggerates the Truth

In The Grapes Of Wrath, Steinbeck writes an incredible story about the journey of a migrant family and the plight they faced during their journey to California for a better life. Although Steinbeck bases his story off of the 1930’s and the Great Depression, evidence today has shown that many of the facts that Steinbeck used to build the background of his story were completely false or dramatically exaggerated. While some people think that his false truths worsen the story, it can’t be expected that Steinbeck’s story would be based of complete truth, and because of this I believe John Steinbeck was smart to alter the true events in his story.

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Does Money Solve More Problem than it Creates?


We live in a world where money is the root of our living. Everything we do can relate to money. We work for money, we pay with money, we strive to get money. But in this materialistic world we live in, we only see the benefits money brings to the table and forget all the chaos that is a product of money. From all the environmental pollution, competition, and human corruption, does it lose its value?

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Effect of a Community on an Individual


A community is made up of individuals, and it is this community that makes up or molds an individual. An individual who is surrounded by a specific environment shapes he or she into a person with personality. It is seen in everyday life.

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Humble Beginnings, Story Book Endings

In order to be successful, humbling yourself would probably a good idea. One thing that is extremely common in our world is confusing confidence with arrogance. It seems like the second W’s start adding up in the wins column, our work shoots right down the drain and we’ve lost our chances in being successful in the long run.

Of course a perfect example of arrogance leading to failure is present in every sport imaginable. For example, those who are favored to win it all are usually the ones who end up not winning in the end. Those most recent event that just occurred in the sports world is who just have won the MLB World Series title. The Kansas City Royals. From my point of view, I completely despise this team. Nobody, and I mean nobody, except those from Kansas City like this team. However in the end, they were the team who came out at the top and won it all.

One thing interesting about this team is the fact that they are extremely low under the cap. Meaning that they don’t pay much money to get the best athletes or stars on their team. However, this team is one that works at an extremely high rate and were so hungry to win the title, they became unstoppable. Although they don’t exactly have the best hitters, pitchers, or overall baseball players, they understood how to work as a team and get the job done. And on top of this losing in the World Series last year allowed them to taste victory but not exactly get the title. After being Humbled in the 2014 World Series, they were able to get back on their feet and how the gold.

In rivalries, it is often the harder working team that will eventually win the game. For it is usually the team with talent that takes an easy expecting the easy win. Everybody knows the hare and tortoise story. However it’s still not often seen necessary to work hard. Nothing in life is free, that’s why those who want it more will get “it”. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


A Community Composed of Competition

Competition is the one thing that runs our world. Everything is competition from school, work, and nearly anything that revolves around a group of people. The word community has such a positive connotation to it, however we tend to overlook the competition or rivalry within this community.

As a whole, we often like to recognize a community as a family. But really, a community is composed of individuals who are trying to become the “top dog” of their unit. This applies to nearly any group of people.

At a school we have ASB and Senate. Of course ASB being the exclusive group of people who run all the activities at school and make sure the school is a fun environment for everyone. Senate being the group of people who are under ASB trying to work their way to becoming one of the ASB members. And while as a whole senate is considered a community or even family, Competition is the only thing keeping these senators at work. Although Senate works together to make life easier for ASB, these students are only trying to prove themselves, show what they are able to do.

The projects senators work on to prove their worthy.

This is true for any group of people really. Co-workers working on the same project, however trying to work for a promotion. And even sports teams trying to win games, however also working harder than their other teammates so they can get paid more, or get the starting spot.

A community is composed of individuals, however what we tend to forget is the fact that these individuals are also filled with a competitive drive pinning them against the others who too make up the community.

-Mitchell Doan

Take a Breath, It’s a New Year

Sports is talked about everyday. And during the time of October, it seems that there is nothing more present except for sports. Baseball is heading towards playoff series, Football is starting to get deeper into the season, and of course, basketball season starts towards the end of the month.There is nothing more present except for sports during this time of year.

We all have a favorite sport, team, position, and even player. As kids we grow up being “fans” of a team usually due to the fact that our family roots for them. However older we get the more we start understanding the game. We become actual fans of the team or player. Fame is an inevitable perk of sports. Athletes become celebrities once they get to the top of the food chain. Unheard of college players get drafted and all of a sudden become everyone’s hero and receive millions of followers. Its not doubt that when it comes to sports, nothing is more important.

The ones who receive fame is always the ones who has the glamorous job of the team. For example, The running back who rushes for 200 yards will be more recognized than the five 300 pound unattractive men who paint the tracks for the half back. Or the big power hitters who strike out one third of the time will always get more love than the small sacrifice bunters and pinch runners. And lastly the one who scores 30 points a game will always get the fame compared to the bigger power forward who sets screens and boxes out down low. This is a fact that will never change, if you get on the stat board, you will get love from your fans. You will get millions of followers, you will get paid, and you will get endorsements.

Sometimes the best things in our lives are overlooked by something more glamorous. We mustn’t take what we have for granted. Every part of a team is as big as any other. Whether being part of a team, or a group for project. Each part plays a role that will eventually put the whole team together.

It’s the start of a new year, and we must soak it all in. Soon enough, we will be done with whatever is going on right now, but if we don’t stop and look around once and a while, we might miss what we have right now.


Feed the Need

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.02.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.00.13 PM

We were assigned to fine a need and to feed the need. Although the idea took a little while to come up with, I remembered watching all the videos of people helping the less fortunate in which this case was the homeless. We decided that it was time to take action and help those who are less fortunate and deserve to be handed kindness after all they have been through. We were going to make care packages and give them to a homeless shelter in order to give to those in need. We created a work schedule and made sure to follow. First step was to brainstorm the ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.02.27 PM

After figuring what to do, we decided it was time to promote our good deed and continue to post via social media so that everyone understood what it was that we were doing. Our twitter was Packaged Love which had posts of a couple steps in our process such as, making the packages, delivering the packages, and fun pictures of the group.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.02.59 PM

We then bought our supplies from Target such as granola bars, tooth brushes, toothpaste, water, thoughtful notes, and other necessities that they may need. In the end we made 10 packages spending a total of $60. We were able to find extremely cheap prices for great items.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.03.18 PM

Then came the delivering of packages. We delivered the packages to a homeless shelter in Costa Mesa. We dropped off the goods and picked up food on the way back to celebrate our success.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.04.23 PM

Our group learned so much from the experience, and we were truly humbled after realizing how important daily items were to those who didn’t have them. We tend to take our necessities for granted thinking they will always be there. However we mustn’t forget how valuable these everyday items are. Love everything you own, for there are always people who wish they had what you had. Give Greater.

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Just the Beggining

This year, I tried something I truly never believed I would ever do. This was blogging. My experience was truly life changing and helped me in so many different ways. Not just writing. As a kid I always believed that blogging was for food critics and fanatics. Although you may say I was naive at the time, I’m sure that everyone believed blogging was for one specific purpose. However for those who simply read blogs, I truly believe that blogging has completely changed my attitude and ability to share what I believe without fear of acceptance or not.

I’ve learned countless methods, ideas, and overall STUFF from blogging. I’ve learned to read what someone thinks and give my idea own opinion. I learned that writing can be fun. Not just a task that is needed to be done in MLA format and Times New Roman font. Writing should be about something you enjoy. Not a book you skimmed through in a few days. Blogging will change your whole perspective on sharing your ideas and writing from the creative sector of your brain.

Although I started slow, I finished fast. As I continued to write, I learned what were the more popular topics, and how to draw your audience’s attention. Throughout this year I changed the way people thought. I transferred my ideas into the brain of a reader. That’s what I feel is so sacred about writing. Implanting thoughts from one person to another.

For soon to be bloggers, there is one simple thing you must do in order to enjoy blogging. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I started off writing the blogs as if it were an assignment read by judgmental brainiacs. Don’t try to perfect the eloquence of your writing. As a writer you need to understand that what you write is for you. It’s okay to start a sentence with “and” or “but”. Write the way you want to be heard, and you will soon enjoy your blogging experience as much as I enjoyed mine.

In the end. the only thing I would change about my blogging experience is the ability to allow the more “photogenic” students to vlog and do their own way of sharing their ideas. For that was the whole purpose of us blogging.

Be creative and think around the box.